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Welcome World

Welcome World!

Hi there and welcome to my little corner of the web. I’m Kelli and I’m a devoted and crazy in love with my family wife and momma to an amazing man and 4 precious kiddos!

By day I work with my husband and partner in crime in our full-service family law firm in Phoenix, Arizona. We specialize in helping families find their way through life’s many ups and downs and hopefully find the family health and happiness which we have been so very blessed with.

By night after I’ve tucked everyone snuggly into bed, I work on my biggest passion after family and that would be blogging. This here is my newest blog and probably the one I’m most excited about because it’s geared towards letting me write about my favorite topics in one place, family, faith, food, family fun, fabulous finds for home and family and financial freedom through blogging and creating digital products to sell.

I feel I come from a unique place when it comes to both family and blogging. Family because we’ve raised four children- one to adulthood (almost 30) and three others to teenagers (13, 15, and 16) and we’re still standing! :) and blogging because I’ve had several blogs and with each one, I’ve learned so much along the way. I live with so much joy and I can hardly wait to share all that joy and experience with you hopefully inspiring you to find that same sense of joy in your own life.

When it comes to blogging recently I have become laser-focused on Pinterest and it’s many possibilities particularly affiliate marketing I love making extra money and am hoping to turn it into something more someday soon). I’ve taken gobs of courses and read more ebooks than you’d even believe possible and I’m really enthusiastic about sharing what it is I’ve learned with my readers so I hope you’re ready to hear all about that in between all the other topics!

As for a little something about me that motivates me besides just plain loving the act of helping others learn to find the success and therefore the joy in family and in blogging- my dream come true would be to make this little blog into something really spectacular to the point where we could afford to RV full time at least for a while traveling with my family before they decide they’ve gotten too big to do that!

Well, now let’s visit my blog and see what there is to see so far- remember- I’m just getting started so bookmark me, sign up for my newsletter, share me when you find something interesting if you’d be so kind, and be sure to come back often and once again, thanks so much for your visit!!!:)


Kelli M. Riebesehl|Mom Blogger|Disclaimer: Hey there, friend! This article includes affiliate links. Please see Disclaimer above.

Welcome. I’m Kelli and I’m really glad to meet you. I’m an adoring wife to my soulmate and mother to four precious kiddos. I’m on a mission teaching others what I’ve learned so far in this crazy thing called life. I just love love love being a mommy and next, I'm crazy about blogging and it is my fondest wish to create that same sense of joy in all those who visit my site. I am here to teach others how to do a bunch of things related to family, faith, family fun, fabulous finds for home and family, and financial freedom through the art of blogging and creating digital products. Stick with me and I'll have you sitting pretty on top of your own domestic and blogging empire! Enjoy!:)

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