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Good Hygiene Products for Teenagers

Puberty brings some mighty unwelcome changes to your teen. They most likely will start to notice that their hair starts to get oily, their skin breaks out and an after-exercise stench surrounds their body, introducing hygiene products to your teenager is a must. Consider which hygiene products are necessary and beneficial for your teen. There are so many to choose from and so many mixed messages being sent out there. It’s definitely a welcome piece of advice to hear what products should be purchased to combat all these crazy but necessary changes that Mothe Nature brings about.


A teen’s hair will start to feel greasy from excess oil at the onset of puberty. A good shampoo is one that controls the amount of oil, not one that increases oil production. Styling products often add extra moisture to the hair so you definitely want to find a specialized shampoo, one that controls oil for your teen. If your teen’s hair tends to be less oily but your teen finds something else to be concerned about with her hair then find a shampoo that addresses those concerns like for instance frizzy hair you want to find a shampoo that adds a little extra moisture for a straighter shinier appearance. 

Soap And Body Wash

Tackling your teen’s body odor, especially after a day of exercise and physical activity, is a must. Before your teen splashes on super-strong smelling perfume or cologne to mask his odor, start with a basic soap or body wash. Also, a daily shower or bath is imperative in preventing offensive body odor caused by a build-up of bacteria or your teen’s sweat. Be sure to choose a soap or body wash that won’t add extra oil to their skin but also that is mild or even designed for sensitive skin if that is the case so as not to irritate their skin. Remind your teen to use his soap or liquid body wash everywhere, including his armpits, feet, and genital areas.

Pimples And Facial Products

A face full of pimples which is what so many teens face nowadays is caused by increased hormones and oil production brought on by puberty. If there are issues being caused by an overabundance of acne or pimples- either physical skin and scarring problems or emotional well-being and self-confidence effects – it’s time to bring your teen to the Pediatrician or even a Dermatologist for help. Teens with typical or mild pimple problems can try an over-the-counter facial product. The American Academy of Pediatrics, on its HealthyChildren website, suggests that teens start with a product that contains benzoyl peroxide. You’re looking for a face wash, lotion, or gel that contains a low dose of benzoyl peroxide like around 2.5 percent to start with. If it causes a drying problem and your teen is experiencing overly dry or irritated skin, switch her to a different face wash or lotion that contains another type of anti-acne ingredient or call the dermatologist for alternative ideas.


Although cleaning his body is crucial, using soap isn’t the only way for your teen to stay smelling fresh. Deodorants and antiperspirants can help keep your teen’s underarm smell and wetness to a minimum. There, of course, are many different colorfully packages sticks and sprays to choose from but remember that deodorants cover up the smell whereas antiperspirants control wetness. If a regular-strength drugstore deodorant and antiperspirant product aren’t cutting it, try an over-the-counter clinical strength version that has a higher concentration of ant-sweat ingredients. Nowadays, there’s a surge of new products that are being put on the shelves that are more of a natural selection to choose from. They don’t contain aluminum and other harmful ingredients.

Being a teen is such a change for everyone concerned and there are so many things to address all at one time at a time where they seem to want total independence from you. Just remember they truly need all the help they can get and it’s more important than ever that you’re there to help guide them through all these changes.


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