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101 Activities For Homebound Tweens And Teens

Wow! Who would have known two weeks ago that we’d be stuck indoors with our tweens and teens trying to fend off the words “I’m bored.” “There’s nothing to do.” all while being cut off from all school, activities, sports, any social interactions and gatherings. 

Life as we know it sure has changed.

Most of us can’t spend all day long trying to entertain them and believe me, they don’t want that anyway. What they do want they can’t have and that’s to be off with their friends going shopping and to restaurants as well as being active in school activities and sports or clubs, etc

On top of that most of them are feeling scared, stressed, and anxious as well as even a little depressed. And who can blame them because we all are feeling it too and they pick up on everything we are going through.

That’s why I’ve compiled this list of boredom busters for your tweens and teens.

It helps to stay busy so busy is what I’m giving you for them.

The following 101 boredom busters for your tween and teen are excellent ideas to give to them to keep them entertained and keep their mind off of events at hand:

Print out a crossword puzzle (or two or three) and solve them.

Go onto and create a board for yourself. Start browsing things you like such as foods, books, clothing styles, hairstyles, quotes, etc. and then “pin” them to your board.

While you’re on find a recipe you’d like to try. Then using ingredients you already have at home, follow the recipe and make a meal for your family.

Play a board game or trivia game. If you don’t have anyone in person to play with then try connecting with a friend over Skype, Discord, Facetime. Or Zoom and play that way.

Try your hand at Origami. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube and

Try a new hairstyle. Google and Pinterest have lots of ideas for you and tutorials.

Rearrange your room. Move your furniture. Maybe place your bed on the opposite wall. Hang your pictures differently. Change your bedding.

Create a vision board. Print out pictures and quotes that inspire you like things you want to be or do. Cut them out just so and glue them to a poster board. Put it up in your room for daily inspiration.

Go for a walk. Exercise and fresh air is just what the doctor ordered to destress. 

Go to Google and pull up some “Adult coloring pages” and print some out. Color them while listening to your favorite music.

Learn to balance a checkbook. Ask a parent to help teach you. This is a skill that everyone should know.

Learn to sew a button. This may sound goofy but it’s a great skill to have and one that could come in handy. Ask a family member to teach you or go online to YouTube and watch a video.

 Wash car weather permitting. Be sure to really scrub (with disinfectant spray) and polish the inside too after vacuuming.

Plan a dream vacation.

Learn to draw.

Paint a picture.

Put together a jigsaw puzzle.

Read a book from cover to cover.

Write a letter to a grandparent or other family member. A handwritten note will always be treasured.

Design a website.

Make a pie.

Bake cookies.

Bake bread. While you’re at it make fresh butter to lather all over the bread when done.

Build something using wood. You can get free plans online to build almost anything, Maybe build a toolbox, birdhouse, simple dollhouse, etc.

Learn to crochet.

Learn to knit.

Make a tie blanket to use or donate to a homeless shelter.

Teach a parent or sibling something you have learned like a hobby or a fact, etc.

Write a poem.

Write a song.

Write a story or even make it into a book.

Make a scrapbook.

Teach the dog a new trick.

Make soap.

Go to Khan Academy and research the college and career preparation process. You’ll find it here:

Go to Khan Academy and learn about stocks and bonds. It’s something that is trending right now online so you might as well. Go to and search for economics and finance.

Go through all your clothes and try them on. If they don’t fit anymore then give them to a younger sibling or family member or bag them up for charity.

Put on your gym clothes and exercise. There are a bunch of how-tos and tutorials on at-home workouts on YouTube and Pinterest.

Get out the craft box and make something.

Take out your camera and photograph nature.

Learn to sew.

Go outside and collect some rocks and come in and paint (or use Sharpie markers) rock art. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest.

Pick flowers, make a daisy chain, a flower crown or press flowers between books.

Choreograph a dance routine.

Make paper airplanes and have paper plane races.

Climb a tree.

Plant an herb garden.

Set up a beauty salon and give your mom a pedicure and foot massage.

Practice some card tricks.

Practice some magic tricks.

Learn to juggle.

Go to a beach and collect shells or build a sandcastle.

Make a kite and fly it.

Grab an instrument and learn to play your favorite tune.

Make a sock puppet. If you’re anything like me you have a million spare socks just lying around.

Watch a nature documentary on Netflix or Disney Plus. It’s a fun way to learn about animals, technology, space, etc.

Grab a blanket, spread it out in the grass and watch the clouds.

Take a nap under a shady tree.

Make a card for a friend or family member.

Go fishing.

Make a root beer float.

Make some slime. Experiment with all the different kinds,

Make a collage out of old magazines.

Skip stones at a lake.

Have a picnic.

Watch the sunrise.

Watch the sunset.

Camp out in the backyard or the basement or the family room.

Make your own popsicles.

Go to and look up your favorite actress/actor. Do they have siblings? Are they related to other famous people? How long did it take them to get famous? What other movies or shows have they been in?

Make your own lip balm.

Make your own body scrub/bath bombs/hand cream/etc.

Make a bucket list.

Sing Karaoke. Pull up the Karaoke channel on your phone or computer and sing your heart out all by yourself or with family members.

Listen to an audiobook.

Make a playlist of your favorite songs.

Give your pet a bath preferably outside weather permitting.

Make jewelry.

Make a jewelry holder out of a tree branch.

Turn up the music and dance.

Go stargazing.

Start your own business.

Learn how to hula hoop.

Pick up a new good habit and just do it.

Write in a journal. What’s happening in the world right now is history in the making. Record your thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Research your favorite band or musician on Google or Wikipedia. When were they born? Do they have siblings? How long did it take them to become famous? What have they overcome in their life along the way?

Have a scavenger hunt.

Make a dollhouse out of a cardboard box.

Make a tower out of excess things around the house like cups, soda cans, popsicle sticks, toilet paper tubes, etc. See how tall you can make it without it falling over.

Paint your nails with different colors and designs.

Make a photo album for your family paying tribute to a special event or family pet, etc.

Create sidewalk art with colored chalk.

Have some relaxing time alone listening to soothing music, diffusing some essential oils, with soft lighting or maybe no light, etc.

Jump on the trampoline.

Shoot some hoops.

Kick around a soccer ball.

Color eggs.

Make a mural on your wall or a designated wall in the house or even outside.

Set up an obstacle course outside and run through it.

Make your own miniature golf course in your backyard or basement and play miniature golf.

Make a smoothie or a flavored lemonade from scratch.

Make a movie or video.

Final Word

To make life a little more interesting maybe make a printout of all these ideas and cut them out and fold them in half and put them in a jar or bowl or something similar and mix them up letting your tween or teen choose an unknown activity. Leave it all to chance.

I hope these ideas give your family hours upon hours of fun and that they definitely bust the boredom your tween or teen is feeling in your home during this period of social distancing in this crazy time of ours. And as always I wish you and your family good health and much happiness. 

Stay safe out there and take care,

Kelli from

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101 Activities For Homebound Tweens and Teens

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