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When You’re Just Too Tired To Be A Fun Mom

Every morning when I wake up I plan my whole day out in my head.

I picture myself fixing an elaborate breakfast of pancakes, sausages, and homemade maple syrup, french braiding both of my daughters’ hair, helping my son with his math homework, all of us being ready to go out the door early, and then having a great big group hug before we leave.

I imagine the evening atmosphere going just the same way. Having a Pinterest inspired dinner with elaborate conversation, having prolonged quality family time playing games, doing crafts, watching a family movie, indulging in a lengthy self-care routine with everybody getting their baths/showers, nails done, lathering in lotion, etc.

And then I will have everybody to bed on time giving me time to plan for the next day and spend time with my hubby before we turn in.

In truth, it never turns out this way and not because our day gives into total chaos but rather because I am too freaking tired

Forget that elaborate breakfast with fresh homemade syrup. I’m lucky to muster enough energy to get out of bed and pour cereal for the kids.

Forget the french braids when I’m too tired to even brush their hair much less braid it so the tangles stay.

Forget the Pinterest inspired dinner and bring on the TV dinners.

Nevermind games or arts and crafts it’s TV time yet again.

Everybody gets their baths and showers but let’s put off the nails and lotion and all until tomorrow.

I get everybody off to bed but late and I tuck them in but it’s hurried and somewhat incomplete.

The bottom line is I’m just plain exhausted and all I want to do is go to bed.

I’m not winning any Mother Of The Year contests that’s for sure.

One thing that being a parent has taught me is that families bounce back quickly- they’re resilient.

You’re most likely doing a better job than you think you are.

If you want to be the fun mom you’re dreaming you are then follow the following steps:

Make rest a priority.

There’s that old saying that “If you want to save a life you have to save your own first.” “When the plane is going down, put on your own oxygen mask first.”

You must make rest a priority. You know instinctively that you’re a much better mom when rested.

If it takes your kids going on their phones or tablets for an hour while you rest even if it makes you feel guilty, do it.

Living with the guilt rather than exploding in a mommy meltdown super-sized temper tantrum and living with that guilt is a much better trade-off.

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Go easy on yourself.

Of course, you’re tired and there’s no doubt that you have never-ending chores that your family continues to add to

Of course, I don’t feel like waking up early to make pancakes. The prior day consisted of working, Cub Scouts, sports, helping with homework and then making a homemade dinner, lunches, and baths before crashing in bed.

Your family is going to understand and want a happy healthy you.

As for that time alone with my hubby, he understands because he’s the first to say, “Happy wife, happy life.”

Indulge in a large cup of coffee.

Caffeine is the way to go when you’ve been up all night with sick kids after a long day at work and then facing another long day again.

It’s also the way to go when you’re lost in a myriad of chores, fixing dinner, getting ready for the upcoming bake sale, working on your blog, etc.

Caffeine’s a great pick me up when you’re facing a day full of kids and everything that comes with them.

When you are tired, plan a relaxing family activity. Spending quality time together doesn’t have to

Have some fun while you’re relaxing.

Whatever you plan doesn’t have to end up being a big draining event.

Plan a spa day with your kids. Have them brush your hair, do your nails, and apply lotion to your arms and legs, etc.

Have a fire in your backyard and sing songs, tell stories, roast marshmallows, etc.

Color with your kids.

Have a family movie night with popcorn, pajamas, and cuddles of course.

You get my drift here. Go easy on yourself.

Learn to ask for help.

Asking for help from your family members, friends, and neighbors isn’t something you should feel ashamed about.

You’d be amazed at how many people want to help you.

Remember the saying that it takes a village to raise a family. This is so true.

Along with asking for help, you should also learn to say no.

Don’t spread yourself so thin.

That definitely adds to your overall exhaustion.

It’s alright if you’re not everything to everyone. Your family needs you to be the most of what you’ve got to them.


Most likely you are the amazing mom you want to be because you care enough to assess your mom status. You’re desperately struggling to be a fun mom- one that has the energy and a carefree attitude to be fun to be around.

Adapting some of the lifestyle changes mentioned above should do the trick.

You should find yourself having more energy and the coping mechanisms in place to help reserve that energy for your loved ones.

What are some of your favorite things to do in this situation? How do you cope with such low energy and mommy exhaustion?

Take care until next time,

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