12 Awesome Instant Pot Hacks
Instant Pot Recipes

12 Awesome Instant Pot Hacks

Okay, name the one appliance in your kitchen that acts as a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, pressure cooker, saute/browning pan, warmer, electric pressure cooker, and yogurt maker- it’s a multi-tasker- it’s a 7-in-1 kitchen appliance- if you guessed Instant Pot you’d be right! Ta-dah you guessed the most popular taking the world by storm kitchen appliance out there! Did you know that it’s the most requested item on Amazon?

As much time, money, and space as the thing already saves you, there are always a few instant pot tips and hacks to make the most of the wonderful magical kitchen appliance.

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Instant Pot Hack 1: Know How To Convert Your Favorite Recipes For The Instant Pot

You should already know by your basic knowledge of the instant pot that cooking in a pressure cooker is definitely not the same as traditional stovetop or oven.

One example is how milk and high heat don’t do well together. If your recipe does call for some dairy products, add them AFTER your meal is cooked and the appliance depressurized. This will prevent your meal from getting burnt and ruined. (via My Crazy Good Life)

Instant Pot Hack 2: Use This Cheat Sheet For Instant Pot Cooking Times

Foods don’t all cook the same in the pot. To avoid the confusion of keeping track of the individual cook times of every ingredient, use this handy electric pressure cooker time chart. Stick in a sheet protector and tape to the cupboard just above your beloved instant pot for easy reference. (via One Good Thing by Jillee)

Instant Pot Hack 3: Use This Pot-In-Pot Method To Cook Multiple Things At Once

You don’t necessarily need to use a pot for this, but any oven-safe glass container or even this stackable stainless steel steamer basket will do. The idea is to keep foods you don’t want mixing together separated yet still cooked in one go.

Pro tip: Cut down your cooking time, literally. If you’re worried about the different cook times of your food items with the pot-in-pot method, cut the foods that take longer to cook into smaller pieces. You should also place these foods on the bottom, and quicker cooking foods on top for the best use of heat. (via Once a Month Meals)

Instant Pot Hack 4: Get Acquainted With Saute Mode

The pressure cooker function can already cut your cooking time in half, but it still takes 10-20 minutes for the pressure to build up before your instant pot can do its speedy cooking thing.

One workaround is to set to saute mode and throw in some foods that could use sautéing. Use the time to prepare the rest of your ingredients, toss in, then switch to pressure cooking, since the heat builds up faster this way. (via The Krazy Coupon Lady)

Instant Pot Hack 5: Combine The Instant Pot With Another Meal Time Saver

Hot and cold unite with the instant pot and freezer cooking. The good news is that you don’t need to thaw foods and can throw them directly into the instant pot.

Very important: DO NOT freeze your foods glass containers. The temperature change could cause them to crack!

Instead, the best way to freeze your foods is to pour them into freezer bags that sit in these round containers so it’ll freeze in the same shape as your cooker. That way you can dump the contents straight from the bag into your instant pot, making transport a cinch. (via Once a Month Meals)

Pro tips: Saute for 5 minutes to release liquid from your frozen food since you’ll need it for pressure cooking. Also, set your frozen food on the trivet that came with your instant pot, rather than have it directly on the bottom of the pot, as that will allow for heat to circulate and cook your food faster. (via Once a Month Meals)

Instant Pot Hack 6: Use the Instant Pot In Place Of the Oven Or Microwave

The instant pot can help you declutter and retire some of your other higher energy-consuming appliances. For the “oven” setting, reduce cooking time by 1/3.

You can also reheat food without the radiation, yay! For the “microwave” setting, use the slow cooker, or keep warm features. (via Traditional Cooking School)

Instant Pot Hack 7: Utilize Those Buttons

I hope you’ve taken advantage of the nifty yogurt feature of your instant pot. It’s actually not as intimidating to make yogurt as you think.

And hack that same yogurt button to make instant pot bread too! (via Mommy Over Work)

Instant Pot Hack 8: Up Your Kitchen Ante With The Right Instant Pot Accessories

You have so much potential with your instant pot, which is exponentially increased with a few additional accessories. Like having another inner pot to swap out if your primary one’s in the wash or if you’re cooking multiple items and don’t want to wash the whole thing.

Find out which are the must-have instant pot tools that’ll make cooking and cleaning so much easier, and super simple ones you can DIY to save a little money.

Instant Pot Hack 9: Use This Cleaning Hack To Get Rid Of Odor And Stains

Depending on how much you’ve been using your instant pot, you may have noticed some…smells. Clear it out with a simple recipe of cut lemons, baking soda, and water. Stench be gone!(via My Crazy Good Life)

Instant Pot Hack 10: Keep Baby Healthy With Your Instant Pot

Since we’re on the subject of cleaning, the pot is perfect for sterilizing your precious little one’s bottles, pacifiers, and other bacteria-breeding possessions. A quick video if you needed a demo. (via Indigo Nili)

Instant Pot Hack 11: The Instant Pot Is For Other Things Other Than Cooking

Be creative! You can literally make ANYTHING in the instant pot, like these unique instant pot recipes. (via Mommy Over Work)

Instant Pot Hack 12: You’ll Be Amazed At Just How Popular You’ll Be Amongst Your Friends And Family

You can be that family that everyone looks forward to getting something awesome from every holiday season or special occasion with these unique and creative homemade gifts in the instant pot. (via Mommy Over Work)

Note: A reader at Mommy Over Work wanted to point out to be careful of what you can and cannot do safely in an instant pot. Canning (like for preserving foods) should be avoided, but luckily the jam recipe that is included is for a safe version.


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