Hi there and welcome to my little corner of the web. I’m Kelli and I’m a devoted and crazy in love with my family wife and momma to an amazing man and 4 precious kiddos (three young teens and a young adult!) 

By day I work with my husband and partner in crime in our full-service family law firm in Phoenix, Arizona. We specialize in helping families find their way through life’s many ups and downs and to find the family health and happiness which we have been so very blessed with. The area of our practice that I am most passionate about is encouraging all the moms we come into contact with! I work closely with our families to encourage change from barely surviving to thriving. I know that no matter what we are facing we can all make small changes to transform and become emotionally healthier families! 

By night after I’ve tucked everyone snuggly into bed, I work on my biggest passion after family and my day job and that would be blogging.

This here is my newest blog and probably the one I’m most excited about because it’s geared towards letting me write about my favorite topics in one place- moms, kids, family, food, fabulous finds for the home and the family, and inspiration for all you moms out there.

During our most precious family time we love boating, camping & RVing, traveling, meeting new people, and just plain playing hard.