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When Your Teen Is Afraid Of Driving

I couldn’t wait to drive when I turned 16. I pestered every adult member of my family to take me for my permit and to let me drive them just about anywhere they were going. And then when I finally did get my driver’s license I offered to go on every errand imaginable for my …

Discipline And Your Angry Teenager

“I hate you!” as she stormed off into her room slamming the door behind her. This started all because my daughter wanted to go to her friend’s house and I simply said, “No! you haven’t finished your chores.” She did resurface some time later only to say, “You don’t understand me. You never listen to …

35 Journaling Prompts For Teens

Journaling is truly therapeutic for everyone from all walks of life but for the teen, it is truly a lifesaver because it is a way for them to work through all their jumbled up thoughts and emotions. Often times they don’t have enough outlets to work through these thoughts and emotions so journaling offers them …

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Tips On How To Help Your Teen With Hygiene

Personal hygiene is important for all children but after puberty, it becomes especially important.  When your teen fails to practice good head to toe hygiene it is blatantly obvious to all those around them. High school can be really rough on kids without being noticed and called out for being stinky or scruffy. Good hygiene …

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Good Hygiene Products for Teenagers

Puberty brings some mighty unwelcome changes to your teen. They most likely will start to notice that their hair starts to get oily, their skin breaks out and an after-exercise stench surrounds their body, introducing hygiene products to your teenager is a must. Consider which hygiene products are necessary and beneficial for your teen. There …

How To Train Your Teen Not To Text And Drive


7 Unique Easter Baskets Just For Teens



How To Really Connect With Your Teen

Parenting is never easy. It has its joys and struggles at every age and every stage. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world though. Our little ones aren’t so little anymore. In fact, each one of them is as tall as me or a bit taller. They’re in their teen years at 13, …

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Reducing Teenage Conflict Amongst Siblings

I don’t know about your household during these crazy times with the Coronavirus and all, but ours is a bit chaotic already. Three teen siblings ages 13, 15, and 16 under the same roof at the same time with nowhere to go right now is making them stir crazy and the bickering and squabbling are …


25 Life Skills All Teens Should Have Before Leaving Home

However long your teens are still at home before they go out into the big bad scary world on their own, they should have some basic life skills to fall back on when they are on their own. Sending them out on their own into the world is a terrifying prospect for me. How do …

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