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How To Really Connect With Your Teen

Parenting is never easy. It has its joys and struggles at every age and every stage. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world though. Our little ones aren’t so little anymore. In fact, each one of them is as tall as me or a bit taller. They’re in their teen years at 13, …

woman cleaning
Spring Cleaning Tips

12 Must Know Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is defined as being the practice of thoroughly cleaning the house in the Springtime. It’s especially prevalent in climates with a cold winter. When the warm weather hits it’s a sign to bust open your windows and your cleaning cabinets. You should follow the best practices of cleaning year-round so that you’re not …

Easter, Teens

7 Unique Easter Baskets Just For Teens

It’s true that teenagers might not want to decorate eggs (although I’m very lucky because mine do) or visit the Easter bunny for pictures anymore but it’s my experience that they won’t turn away free gifts and candy. I also guarantee that you won’t find pre-filled Easter Basket arrangements at your local grocery or fine …

teen driving a car
Parenting Tips, Teens

How To Train Your Teen Not To Text And Drive

Here in Arizona, we have the hands free cell phone law enacted.  Financial penalties are very stiff, especially for teen drivers under the age of 18. I know for those of you with driving teens, you have already been promoting this message, but unless you have a camera in your teen’s car, you have no …

Instant Pot Shepherd's Pie
Instant Pot Recipes

How To Make Instant Pot Shepherd’s Pie

I finally purchased my amazing Instant Pot and made Instant Pot Spaghetti, Instant Pot Chicken And Brown Rice, made hard-boiled eggs, and finally decided to try something else. I was sitting in Barnes And Noble Book Store with my youngest daughter and we were enjoying the magazine section. It was quite delightful. We both had …

mom sleeping in bed
Mom Life, Parenting Tips

When You’re Just Too Tired To Be A Fun Mom

Every morning when I wake up I plan my whole day out in my head. I picture myself fixing an elaborate breakfast of pancakes, sausages, and homemade maple syrup, french braiding both of my daughters’ hair, helping my son with his math homework, all of us being ready to go out the door early, and …

kids on smartphones
Parenting Tips

7 Effective Tips For Parents To Limit Screen time

Humans and their smartphones aren’t a healthy combination. This is no longer disputed and indeed the American Academy Of Pediatrics warns to limit high-intensity high-quality digital media screen time to an hour a day for young children. Brain scans have shown that there is significant premature thinning in the cortex. Strong research has been coming …

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Hygiene, Teens

Good Hygiene Products for Teenagers

Puberty brings some mighty unwelcome changes to your teen. They most likely will start to notice that their hair starts to get oily, their skin breaks out and an after-exercise stench surrounds their body, introducing hygiene products to your teenager is a must. Consider which hygiene products are necessary and beneficial for your teen. There …

teen bathing
Hygiene, Teens

Tips On How To Help Your Teen With Hygiene

Personal hygiene is important for all children but after puberty, it becomes especially important.  When your teen fails to practice good head to toe hygiene it is blatantly obvious to all those around them. High school can be really rough on kids without being noticed and called out for being stinky or scruffy. Good hygiene …

Journaling, Teens

35 Journaling Prompts For Teens

Journaling is truly therapeutic for everyone from all walks of life but for the teen, it is truly a lifesaver because it is a way for them to work through all their jumbled up thoughts and emotions. Often times they don’t have enough outlets to work through these thoughts and emotions so journaling offers them …